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Why This Simple Weight Loss Program Works While others Don't...

How the Program Works...

BACON, RED WINE, and FREEDOM! If that’s not enough, we are going to help you dig deep into the emotions surrounding your food, help you understand why to eat some foods and not others, and teach you how your body uses those foods and give you the tools to make lasting change.

We don’t believe in meal replacement, manufactured shakes or supplements, or losing weight without actually understanding how you did it.

We do believe in conquering underlying fears, discovering emotional triggers, and introducing healthy, everyday from-the-earth foods that your body reacts with positively.  This way you can lose the weight and the inflammation that results from eating the processed food that makes up more than half the standard American Diet.

Four Stages to Success and Freedom

Stage I: Detox

  • Sugar Detox

    • Eliminate the "sugar in the gas tank"

3 Days

Stage II: Detox Part 2

  • Carb Detox

    • Continue with no added sugars

    • Remove all higher carb foods such as read, rice, pasta, potato, etc.

    • Follow specific food list provided

4 Days

Stage III: Fat Burning

    • Elimination diet from known inflammatory foods - dairy, nuts, gluten, cooking oils

    • Intermittent fasting - specific eating times for optimal fat burning and repair
    • Detox from all processed foods for 40 days
    • Very specifi food liststs of meat, veggie, and fruit
    • Specific water intake tracking
    • No exercise
    • Mindset / emotional homework and support around eating habits

40 Days

Stage IV: Testing and Discovery

    • Reintroduction of specific foods to see how your body handles them
    • Testing out of problem foods for your weight loss journey specifically

X Days

Stage V: Maintenance and Freedom

    • Full menu reintroduced based on what was discovered in Stage 4
    • Exercise can be reintroduced
    • Community support and quarterly group calls for check-in and troubleshooting
    • Mindset training on Choices Not Eating

X Days

| You are a fat burning, body hacking, hotness machine. |

-Amber Valentine

The Challenge Method

|Next one starts January 1st 2020|


Weight Loss for Women

Ladies we don’t even go to the bathroom by ourselves so let’s get together on this too…..


The group challenge is based on a simple idea: Together we can lift each other up and go further than we originally imagined.

Plus, who doesn’t like a little competition - especially when you doing well inspires others to do even better!

Here's how the Challenge Method works...

Every week we all get together on coaching and Q&A video calls with program creator/hotness guru Amber Valentine and co-founder/success story Karen Que to share knowledge and build our community. You get daily accountability by filling in a link each morning to “show your work” to your lovely coaches confidentially. There is even a private Facebook group to share recipes, ask questions, receive recognition / encouragement, and get to know each other along the way.



In the group challenge, the challenger who has consistently completed their daily tracker and has the highest percentage of body weight lost in the first 48 days of the 60 day program wins back the total cost of their program!

And.....As if that isn't enough, the winner of each round will be Crowned Queen!



Weight loss for women


Once you’ve completed your first 60 days you can either go back and do another fat burning challenge cycle until you achieve your goal weight, or transition into our maintenance phase which will help you develop an eating and exercise plan to maintain the results of your hard work!

What’s Included In The Challenge

Next Challenge Starts January 1st 2019

the Group Challenge

This gives you everything you need to succeed and a community to back you up! You will receive your e-workbook right away, and there are weekly video coaching calls to keep you informed and on-track as well as email updates and some surprises along the way.

What's included

| Sometimes letting go makes room for what’s next . |

-Karen Que

melody p

When I was introduced to the program I was super frustrated with my constant weight gain and was having difficulty getting it under control. Just starting my own business and having a husband and a 2 year old I couldn't fit ONE more thing into my schedule. 
I was hopeful that this would be my answer because it just required me to be very specific about what I ate.. and ALL the ANSWERS on what to eat were provided!!!! Such a complete God send. 
At 4 weeks into the system I was down over 22 lbs, and now I have lost 60 total!  The results are super motivating and the program fits perfectly into my busy life style. 
I would recommend this to anyone who wants a simple solution and is committed to the process.


Melody P.

kathy s

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE working with Amber and her Weight Loss Program!  After spending YEARS trying to lose weight, and MONTHS working with a Personal Trainer without weight loss results, I agreed to do what Amber told me to do.  DANG!  Wish I had started earlier with her.  16 lbs of weight loss with ease!  So looking forward to continue working with her and staying on the plan!  It’s SO easy! 


Kathy S.

melissa s

What I learned from Amber and working her program was life changing. Not only did I lose 50 pounds and keep it off but I learned a whole new way to look at food and eating. Taking care of myself both physically and emotionally is the key that I was missing.  I will have this knowledge as I continue throughout my life. I am so thankful for this program and for Amber for helping me change how I look at food and at myself. 

Melissa S.


Get a sneak peek of the challengers e-book that has helped other busy, tenacious, awesome women just like you get control of their body weight and learn tools for the future!