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Scale the Limit Enrollment Agreement

This Agreement is effective from the date you (Enrollee) sign up to your subscription. By using one of our products or offerings, you agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this Subscription Agreement (this "Agreement"):

  1. PACKAGE AND PRICE. The included features are detailed on the Join US page and prices for each specific package are detailed in on the Pricing Page. For purposes of this Agreement, Enrollee has chosen the Challenge package as stated on the order form. All services are as detailed on the Join Us page. Any included individualized and group coaching sessions will be available in the amounts specified in the specific package descriptions. Additional services, including extended coaching, are available for an additional fee.

  2. INITIAL FEES AND PAYMENT. The one-time fee, as noted in the menu, may be paid either as a lump sum or via six equal monthly payments. Enrollee authorizes Scale the Limit to automatically bill payments to the credit card on file for the fee agreed to on the order form.

  3. CONTINUATION PAYMENTS. Upon expiration of the initial 60-day challenge, Enrollee authorizes Scale the Limit to automatically bill, via the merchant services provider, to the credit card on file each month in the amount of $0_. Enrollee will continue to receive access to challenges and all other Group Challenge services as long as you are paying the monthly fee. Enrollee may cancel their membership at any time after the initial challenge period with one (1) month notice by emailing

  4. UPGRADES AND EXTRAS. If enrollee wishes to upgrade packages, they may do so at any time by contacting and paying the difference between the packages.Additional individual coaching sessions and other services are available. A pricing sheet is available upon request by contacting These may be arranged at any time by contacting and must be paid via any method at the time of arranging the individual coaching session or other service.

  5. CHANGES IN FORMAT. Enrollee agrees that Scale the Limit LLC has the right, at its sole discretion, to change the format of any, challenges, packages or the program, provided that they do not eliminate any individual coaching sessions already purchased (either through a challenge package or independently).

  6. COMMUNICATIONS. Enrollee understands that many elements of the program may require Scale the Limit LLC to send Enrollee automated emails, push notifications, social media and other forms of direct communication. Enrollee authorizes Scale the Limit LLC to send communications, including partner solicitations, via all forms of communication provided.

  7. NO REFUNDS. Scale the Limit does not provide refunds for its programs or individual coaching for any reason. Should you need to cancel an individual coaching session, please contact prior to the session.

  8. TERMS AND CONDITIONS. The Scale the Limit Terms and Conditions are incorporated in this Agreement as if they were included. A copy of the Terms and Conditions can be found at Terms and Conditions

  9. LEGAL AND MEDICAL DISCLAIMER. The Scale the Limit Legal and Medical Disclaimer is incorporated into this document as if it were included. A copy of the Legal and Medical Disclaimer can be found at Medical Disclaimer.

  10. PRIVACY POLICY. The Scale the Limit Privacy Policy is incorporated into this document as if it wereincluded. A copy of the Privacy Policy can be found at Privacy Policy.