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Weight Loss for Successful Women

Sick of weight loss fads or gimmicky diets? We are the final destination for women who want REAL results in 60 days (or less).

kathy s

DANG!  Wish I had started earlier with her.  16 lbs of weight loss with ease!  So looking forward to continue working with her and staying on the plan!  It’s SO easy!

 - Kathy S.

Why Women Love Our System

No Exercise

You read that right - zero exercise! You can certainly workout and tone up after you've lost your weight, but not during!


No complicated charting and tracking. Just simple habit-building steps with a coach every step of the way.

Bacon Friendly

Yes, you can have bacon! And red wine! You can have REAL FOOD. We don't do bars, shakes and supplements around here.


Safe, encouraging, and FUN - our clients COULD do it alone, but they don't have to. 

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