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Scale the Limit - Our Story

weight loss coachesAmber Valentine woke up in her 30’s at 240 lbs and miserable.  She had tried everything from calorie restriction, cutting carbs, counting macros, supplements, shakes, creams, special teas, even expensive personal training DAILY for a year and NOTHING was working.  She would lose 20 lbs max and then go right back and yo-yo between 5 lbs and just get frustrated and quit.  She spent 15 of the previous years trying to get it right and then one day it clicked!  All the research, agonizing, trial and error, and ridiculousness Amber went through accumulated into one amazing mind and body plan that she followed herself until others started asking how she lost all that weight. The interest was so high that she started coaching women through her program in addition to her successful career.  One of those women was Karen Que. Karen went through the program and loved it so much that she knew it needed to be shared with the world. Amber with her expert sales knowledge and Karen with her deep business background started to collaborate. The result is SCALE THE LIMIT.  We are on a mission to help women just like us who were absolutely at the end of their rope finally find the external and internal transformation they are looking for!  We cannot wait to share all Amber’s tips and a few that Karen has picked up along the way to save you the 15 years of misery by enrolling you into our Challenge today!


Scale the Limit of your beliefs and let’s transform together!!!


Amber Valentine

Amber Valentine is a Master of Direct Sales, Team-Building Expert, and Dream Activator

Amber Valentine is a self-made success, going from a small-town girl with a less-than-glamorous beginning to teaching millions how to #LiveOutLoud from the stage.  She made her first impact through Direct Sales driving around a Pink Cadillac and helping others transform externally with her make-up artistry.

Now, she travels the world with her message of internal transformation through speaking and coaching.  Her ultimate goal is to add eternal transformation by helping others LOVE, on the deepest level, who they are and what they can do every day to make the world theirs, and lead others by example. Amber is on a mission to transform the world Externally, Internally, and Eternally with the message that you can do anything today to make tomorrow better than yesterday, and every time you SHINE and live out loud you give everyone around you permission to do the same.

Karen Que

Karen Que is a lifelong entrepreneur, business woman, wife, and mother who is on a mission to make her family a priority while enjoying immense business success on her own terms. As the Founder and CEO of Q infusion LLC a business consulting firm, she works together with small business owners to build their CEO skills, implement systems that create stability, and infuse big business thinking and strategy into their growth plans to achieve significant results. As Co-founder and CEO of Scale the Limit LLC she helps high achieving career women and business owners find peace through mindful weight loss.

Karen Que